Whats Bugging Me? Micro-organisms Lesson 1

Click on the link below and write the answers to the questions in full sentences in your science book.


Lesson 1: What’s Bugging You?

  1. What is foodborne illness?
  2. What sorts of foods are “hotbeds” for foodborne pathogens? Why?
  3. Who is at highest risk for foodborne illnesses? Why?
  4. How do foods become contaminated?
  5. What are the four main types of microorganisms?
  6. What type of microorganism is the greatest threat to food safety?
  7. Name some foods that “good” bacteria are used to make.
  8. Under what conditions do bacteria thrive?
  9. What is the most important thing you can do to prevent foodborne illness?

Fractions and Decimals Activities

Click on the picture to go to the Mathplayground website

Click on the picture to go to the Mathplayground website

Your task is to use the computation practice section to compare and reduce fractions. Working in pairs you need to make sure you take time to work out the answer and then remember to record your score at the end. When you have finished you can try the game Triplets.

Great Potheridge Display

Finally the Great Potheridge display is up in the classroom:

Some photos showing what we got up to at Great Potheridge

Some photos showing what we got up to at Great Potheridge

Thank you to Athene for gathering the quotes and then typing them out on the computer.


Updated 5.10.14 Mr H. actually broke his finger :cry: :cry: :cry:



On Thursday Mr H. attempted to catch a ball the result was a very sore finger and a visit to the doctor. On Friday morning he is going to the RUH to have it x-rayed :cry:


There were some amazing performances - especially from the defenders

There were some amazing performances – especially from the defenders

On Wednesday 1st October the football team played in the cluster tournament against a range of local schools. The good news for Chew Magna was that we remained unbeaten in all our 5 matches. On top of this we did not concede a single goal :smile:

The down side was that we only managed to score 1 goal – therefore we had four matches which finished 0-0 :???:

We have another tournament next week so lets hope we can maintain our defensive record and at the same time try to score a few more goals.

3D Bar Graphs

On Tuesday we created 3D bar graphs to illustrate our favourite activities at Great Potheridge. To make them more interesting we made them 3D.

I think you were the first to finish - Well done O.H.

I think you were the first to finish – Well done O.H.

A very good 3D graph S.S.

A very good 3D graph S.S.

Very colourful S.J.

Very colourful S.J.

A Fantastic Trip to Great Potheridge

Fly Mr H.

Fly Mr H.

Golden Eagle had a fantastic time at Great Potheridge. Well done to everyone for getting stuck in to all the activities and for carrying on when some of you were really scared. Next week we will be working on our assembly for parents and the rest of the school which we will present on Thursday 9th October.

Below is a sneak preview of some of the pictures we will be showing during the assembly. A big thank you to Andy for taking these pictures of us jumping into the rock pool on the beach at Hartland. They are a great reminder of the fun we had – although it can’t show how cold the water was :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Cross country

On the 10th of September 3 boys and 3 girls from year 3, year 4, year 5 and year six went down to Chew Valley School to do a Cross country we did very well in all categories! The run was a mile and we were against 4 other schools Chew Stoke, Stanton Drew, Bishop Sutton and our school ( Chew Magna)


Year 5 & 6 Girls we had:

1st Florrie

2nd Scarlet

4th Maddie

12th Georgia

17th Cliona

21st Athene


Year 5 & 6 boys we had:

4th Gabriel

17th Sam

34th Shane

16th Sam

21st Will

24th Toby

26th Reuben


Year 3 & 4 girls we had:

1st Molly

7th Helena

21st Jane

6th Olivia

16th Izzy

26th Manny


Year 3 & 4 boys we had

1st Jack

21st Reuben

24th Joe

22nd Ollie

23rd Max

29th Jack


So Everyone did super well!


Half way!!!!!!!!


Sprinting to the finish………

Great Potheridge Kit List

Only two weeks to go!

Only two weeks to go!

Below is a quick reminder of the kit list for our residential trip to Great Potheridge:

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • 3 changes of outdoor clothes-bring old ones!
  • Long sleeved shirts/tops
  • T-shirts
  • Trousers
  • Socks and underwear
  • Shorts
  • Swimming costumes
  • Towel
  • Clothes for the BBQ and disco
  • Hat and gloves
  • Warm jumpers/fleece
  • Welly boots
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Drinks/water bottle
  • 3 poly bin liners for wet clothes
  • 2 pairs of trainers
  • Wash bag
  • Warm night clothes
  • Any medication you may be taking
  • If you have a rucksack, even a small one then bring it

Please bring everything listed above. If it is on the list, then you will need it. The most commonly forgotten items are a torch, poly bin liners and a towel. They do have a stock of wellies and water proofs if you do not have any. Please do not bring jeans. Thanks to Elena for typing this out :)

First Week Back

It is almost the end of the first week back and every one is very tired but happy.


First Week Back!

This week we have been focusing on working in a team and getting to know each other. As well as doing other subjects including literacy, maths, art and PSHE. Here’s to the next 38 weeks :grin:

By Florrie Griffin


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